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Hi, and welcome to my personal lifestyle and fashion blog. 

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Claudia and I was born in Switzerland. I am currently studying law in University while modeling.
My interests have always been very diversified in the artistic world, from my several years of playing musical instruments (piano, guitar, even one year of harp) to the arts section I chose while studying in high school.

But my biggest loves in the artistic world have always been fashion and photography.

I remember when I worked for my high school graduation project. I took lessons of sewing in parallel of my studies for two years in order to create a small collection of corsets with the help of a professional couturière. It was quite a challenge for me, because I did not even know how to use a sewing machine.

I really loved this whole challenge. It woke something strong in me. I loved the fact that with one sewing pattern I could create corsets that were so different between them. I loved the creative ideas that filled up my mind. I loved to admire the beautiful corset I just sewed, and to think I did it by my own. Honestly, I could have sewed thousands of them, I had so many ideas.

One of the best moments that I remember of this project was the fashion show that I organized to introduce my corsets to my school and their relatives. I asked to some of my friends to walk down the catwalk for me an I did too. That was a time I will always remember. The achievement of years of work. A real success and one of my best memories!

You can see right above a picture from the catwalk with my corsets.

So here I am with this blog. It is a way to express my need of creativity. I want to fill it up of my thoughts, my creative ideas and experiences.

xoxo ♥